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Thank you for your interest in job opportunities offered by IDT.

Please, spend a little time to surf your good chance of promotion if you intend to start in our Company.

In IDT, we always create favor conditions for each person to promote his/her ability in both work and cultural activities of the Company. Each person can be able to seek for his/her career in IDT's common target.

At present, with the annual 20% average growth rate, recruitment is continuously launched in every position. Even, you are newly graduated or rich experienced, we are always ready to welcome you. Your desirable positions are not in IDT’s recruitment list, you can send your documents to us to have opportunities of becoming members of IDT in the future.

In IDT, the corporate culture and each member’s talent shall be respected. Promotion chance in IDT is unlimited. You can become a manager even during your trial period provided that you can prove your competence and confidence.

In 2008, with series of business expansion plan, we need to recruit from 45 to 75 staffs for all positions. If you are talent and young, please not hesitate to attend the search to become young leader of IDT.