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Message of general director
We  would like to take this opportunity to express our welcome to all those visiting the IDT & IDE homepage and our pleasure in meeting you all through the internet.

IDT & IDE were founded on February, 2007 and through its human resources and technology have achieved tremendous growth in the fields of serviced recidence, housing, hospital management, commercial area and education while expanding their business fields into Green Hills’s brand name and other development projects in Vietnam.

Our companies are aiming to be the best by maximizing the optimum living space and the value of space through innovation and boldness resulting from the harmonization of human resources, technology and systems.

We at IDT & IDE are aiming to be the company that earns the customer’s trust while leaving a lasting impression. Our employees as one are committed to making this company, the company that is devoted to the customer using the best  technology and quality.

Thank you.

General Director - Mr. Hwang Byung-Lak